Earn up to 72% of your annual CPD with Multi-Source Feedback

Join thousands of clinicians validating their expertise and achieving CPD excellence with CFEP Surveys’ Multi-Source Feedback.

Introducing CFEP Surveys’ Multi-Source Feedback (360 degree Feedback) – an essential tool for clinicians committed to advancing their professional practice. Earn up to 72% of your CPD credits while gaining comprehensive insights from peers, patients, and industry experts. Our Multi-Source Feedback solution not only meets CPD requirements but also enhances clinical knowledge, elevates patient care, and fosters continuous professional development.

Efficient CPD accreditation

Earn up to 72% of your annual CPD requirements under the Medical Board of Australia’s professional performance framework, effortlessly fulfilling accreditation needs while focusing on your professional growth.

Comprehensive feedback

Gather insights from peers, patients, and industry associates through our 360-degree feedback mechanism, providing a well-rounded perspective on your performance as a medical practitioner.

Enhanced learning experience

Leverage feedback from diverse sources to deepen your clinical knowledge, refine healthcare practices, and stay at the forefront of advancements in the medical field.

Improved patient care

 Implement actionable insights learned from multi-source feedback to enhance patient satisfaction, tailor care delivery, and ensure optimal outcomes, ultimately elevating the standard of care provided.

A trusted and validated tool

Multi-Source Feedback by CFEP Surveys is a validated and evidence-based tool endorsed by medical colleges, peak bodies, and industry regulators, ensuring the reliability and integrity of the feedback process.

Streamlined process and personalised support

Seamlessly collect feedback via our online portal, while receiving dedicated assistance from our experienced team. Minimising administrative burden, and allowing you to focus on patient care, while benefiting from tailored support.

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The multi-source feedback process has truly transformed my professional journey. The process is incredibly streamlined, and the CFEP Surveys team's support is unmatched. Not only did it help me meet my CPD requirements seamlessly, but it also provided invaluable insights into my practice. It's like having a trusted advisor every step of the way. I wholeheartedly recommend CFEP Surveys' Multi-Source Feedback to any practitioner striving for excellence.
Luke, Melbourne

The Multi-Source Feedback process for clinicians

Benefits of undertaking Multi-Source Feedback with CFEP Surveys

Start earning CPD credits now

Accelerate your professional growth while fulfilling CPD requirements with CFEP Surveys' Multi-Source Feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

Multi-Source Feedback, also known as 360-degree feedback, allows clinicians to gather feedback from various sources such as peers, patients, and industry associates. This comprehensive feedback provides valuable insights into your performance, aiding in professional development, enhancing patient care, and fulfilling CPD requirements seamlessly.

CFEP Surveys’ Multi-Source Feedback offers a more comprehensive and structured approach to feedback collection compared to traditional methods. With our user-friendly online portal and personalised support, clinicians can streamline the feedback process, access actionable insights, and benefit from benchmarking data to drive continuous improvement.

Yes, Multi-Source Feedback feedback is confidential, and CFEP Surveys prioritises the privacy and security of your data. Our secure online portal ensures the confidentiality of feedback data, adhering to the highest standards of data protection and compliance with privacy regulations.

The Multi-Source Feedback process typically takes a few weeks to complete, depending on factors such as questionnaire distribution and response collection. Once the process is complete, you will receive a comprehensive feedback report highlighting key insights and actionable recommendations for professional development.

Yes, CFEP Surveys’ Multi-Source Feedback is recognised and endorsed by medical colleges, peak bodies, and industry regulators for CPD accreditation. Clinicians can earn up to 72% of their CPD requirements through Multi-Source Feedback, aligning with the Medical Board of Australia’s professional performance framework and other regulatory standards.

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