A powerful real-time patient experience tool for allied health services for just $399

Active Insights by CFEP Surveys is an agile digital feedback solution that provides allied health services with real-time patient experience data and insights.


Elevate practice management

Take control of the process – implement a feedback system that works to ensure your practice runs more efficiently for you and your patients.


Improve health outcomes

Take control of patient feedback – uncover patient concerns, discover trends and predict potential issues before they become complaints.


Drive quality improvement

Hit improvement goals faster led by real-time patient experience data – and use regular reporting to evidence success.


Deliver better business results

Take advantage of a low-touch solution to enhance business decision-making and deliver better business results.

Active Insights revolutionised our dental practice. With its real-time patient feedback and actionable insights, we've elevated patient care, improved efficiency, and boosted business results. It's a must-have for any practice committed to excellence.
Sam, Sydney

What is Active Insights?

Active Insights is an agile digital feedback solution that provides organisations with real-time patient experience data and insights.

Collecting and collating qualitative and quantitative feedback data and presenting it in live, interactive dashboards, Active Insights helps you convert patient feedback into better patient experiences: better care and service delivery, more efficient practice management and improved business outcomes.

Subscription options


$ 299 Annually (ex GST)
  • $25/month
  • Billed Annually
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$ 444 Annually (ex GST)
  • $37/month
  • Billed Monthly
Implement a feedback system to enhance practice efficiency and patient satisfaction.
Active Insights is a user-friendly web-based application that allows allied health providers to quickly grasp patient experiences, analyse performance in real-time, ensure privacy and security in line with Australian ICT standards, and promote positive patient experiences both internally and externally. Also receive full CFEP Surveys support to implement and embed patient feedback processes in your practice.
Take charge of patient feedback to identify concerns, trends, and anticipate issues preemptively.
Access actionable insights quickly to enhance patient experiences, make real-time improvements, establish data benchmarks, and leverage research linking patient experience with clinical safety and effectiveness.
Accelerate improvement goals with real-time patient experience data and regular reporting to demonstrate success.
Prioritise risk areas, conduct root cause analysis, access qualitative and quantitative feedback instantly, and utilise standardised methods for systematic improvement, ensuring a safe and effective patient-centred care approach.
Leverage a low-touch solution to improve decision-making and business outcomes, future-proofing your operations with a low-risk, high-ROI tool.
Utilise insights for growth, retention, and operational success, while actively managing negative feedback, engaging staff, and comprehensively understanding patient experiences to benchmark performance across sites.
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Real-time customer experience at your fingertips

Take control of your patient experience measures from just $299*

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