Dental Practice Questionnaire

What is the Dental Practice Questionnaire?

Patient satisfaction is a popular and essential health-care quality indicator, reflective of the patients experience of service or care provided. Consumer insights can be integral in supporting a dental practice to improve the quality and safety of services and care. Our Dental Practice Questionnaire is a powerful tool that can support dental practices by:

  • Providing an opportunity for health consumers to share honest, anonymous feedback
  • Highlighting consumer perceptions around a practices services and the delivery, safety, quality and effectiveness of care, and
  • Assisting dental teams to meet the requirements of the NSQHS Standards (first edition) or the Primary and Community Healthcare Standards (PCHS)

Our survey process

We make it simple for dental practices to collect valuable and reliable patient feedback. Our processes are streamlined and equip practices with the tools and support they need to obtain quality-focused feedback.

Patients can access the confidential online questionnaire using a link sent to them via a text message and/or email following their consultation. It’s intuitive and user friendly, and takes three minutes to complete.

Our team then collate and analyse the feedback to provide our clients with a comprehensive report, inclusive of actionable feedback. Report insights can be used as reliable evidence to support quality improvement projects and to better services and care. Report findings can also be used as reliable evidence to support services meet relevant accreditation requirements against the NSQHS Standards or PCHS.

We’re proud to have a number of established relationships with dental practices across Australia. With an international reputation for assisting health organisations in gathering patient-based evidence and providing insights to support better care, we look forward to being part of your quality improvement journey.

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