Patient Partnership in Care (PPiC) Tool

The Quadruple Aim

The Quadruple Aim is a widely acknowledged framework that underpins several international health care systems. Recognising the significant benefits of the Quadruple Aim, Australia is taking active steps to embed this model within our own health care system. 

Two of the four Quadruple Aim pillars focus on improving patient experience and patient outcomes, emphasising the need for person-centred care solutions. Patient-Reported Experience Measures (PREMs) and Patient-Reported Outcomes Measures (PROMs) are typically the preferred tools to use to gather patient-centric data on healthcare, particularly in the management of chronic health conditions. 

With the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reporting that 50% of Australians suffer from at least one chronic condition and chronic disease being one of the main factors impacting life expectancy in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, understanding patient experience and patient outcomes of these groups is particularly important. These insights allow for strategies and initiatives to be put in place to improve health outcomes, quality of care and quality of life. 

To assist health professionals to strengthen partnerships with patients suffering long term conditions and to support and motivate improved self-management, CFEP Surveys developed the Patient Partnership in Care (PPiC) Tool.

CFEP Surveys’ Multi-Source Feedback (MSF) tool, sometimes referred to as 360 feedback, allows individual doctors to obtain feedback from peers, patients and industry associates to provide unique and varied views. These evaluations support doctors to gain significant insights into their all-around performance.

Diagram outlining the quadruple aim framework

What is CFEP Surveys Patient Partnership in Care (PPiC) Tool?

The CFEP Surveys Patient Partnership in Care (PPiC) Tool is a validated, evidence-based feedback tool developed initially to assess PROMs and PREMs in patients with chronic disease as part of the Co-Creating Health Project in the UK.

The questionnaire is made up of 16-items and consists of two, unidimensional subscales covering patient-clinician partnership and the patient’s confidence to manage their long term conditions. This exit survey is quick, only taking patients two to three minutes to complete. 

Based on the application and results of the UK Co-Creating Health Project, the PPiC was utilised as an evaluation tool as well as a training tool for clinicians. 

By undertaking the PPiC early in the UK project, clinicians were orientated to the importance of patient feedback and could set goals based on the results of their PPiC feedback.

Results also demonstrated that intervention of relevant training and reflection on the initial results of the PPiC can promote clinician skill development and increase the confidence of patients regarding self-management of long term chronic conditions

The PPiC has now been adapted for use by Australian general practices and other health services to ensure local relevance and applicability. In primary care, the tool has been implemented by Primary Health Networks (PHNs), and prior to that, Medicare Locals. Of particular importance was the development of benchmarks to guide care teams about their strengths and how they might improve their partnerships with patients.

CFEP Surveys PPiC offerings

CFEP Surveys PPiC offering provides health services with access to: 

  • PPiC implementation kit, inclusive of:
    • Guidelines for staff to support survey distribution, collection and return
    • Online and/or paper-based versions of the PPiC survey 
    • Collateral to support the collection of survey data
  • Personalised support and assistance from the CFEP Surveys Team 
  • Comprehensive data analysis via a documented report, including benchmarking insights highlighting areas for improvement
  • Tools and resources to support quality improvement activities and report interpretation

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