A powerful real-time
patient experience tool

Clear and insightful data the serves your practice, your team – and your patients

Deliver better business results

Take advantage of a low-touch, highly automated feedback solution to enable better business decision-making and deliver enhanced business results.

  • Low risk/high ROI – boost productivity, efficiency, and customer engagement
  • Analyse patient experience data and engage staff in the process to futureproof your business – alleviate attrition and build loyalty
  • Take control of negative feedback by engaging patients at the point of care
  • Use insights to demonstrate operational and innovation successes
  • Understand a patient experience at a granular level – and benchmark across multiple sites, services and practitioners

Support growth initiatives with enhanced customer insights

Elevate practice management

Take control of the process – implement a feedback system that works to ensure your practice runs more efficiently for you and your patients.

  • Hit the ground running with easy to use web-based application – you’ll better understand your patient experience in no time
  • Analyse and understand what is going well in your practice and work on what can be improved in real-time
  • Highest privacy and security protocols aligned with the Australian ICT standards
  • Promote positive patient experiences internally and externally

Be fully supported by CFEP in implementing and embedding the patient feedback process in your practice

Drive quality improvement

Drive quality improvements using patient feedback to identify issues and utilise regular reporting to evidence successful improvement initiatives

  • Hit improvement goals faster led by real-time patient experience data
  • Root cause analysis – uncover issues and predict future performance
  • Prioritise risk areas and improvement measures
  • Qualitative and quantitative patient feedback at your fingertips
  • Instant analytics – supporting you to report on improvements over time
  • A standardised and systematic approach to improving patient experience
  • A safe and effective approach to patient-centred care

Improve health outcomes

Take control of patient feedback – uncover patient concerns, discover problematic trends and predict potential issues before they become complaints

  • ‘On the spot’ care improvements – identify patient concerns and action improvements immediately
  • Easy access to insights that empower you to deliver a better patient experience
  • Review feedback and action service and care improvement initiatives in real-time and track your progress over time
  • Begin building a dataset to benchmark against other clinicians

Keep in mind the clear evidence of the association between patient experience, clinical safety and effectiveness, as well as health outcomes

Real-time Customer Experience at Your Fingertips

Take control of your experience and increase patient engagement in your practice


  • Personalised support from the CFEP Surveys and Insignia Teams
  • Helpful, responsive query handling

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