Multi-Source Feedback

for RACGP Members

CFEP Surveys’ Multi-Source Feedback (MSF) tool, sometimes called 360 feedback, allows individual doctors and clinicians to obtain feedback from peers, patients and industry associates to provide unique and varied views into your all-round performance as a medical practitioner.

CFEP Surveys’ MSF allows registered RACGP members to earn up to 26 hours (of the total 50 hours) CPD requirements under the MBA’s professional performance framework –  while enhancing your ongoing learning to better clinical knowledge, health care improvements, patient satisfaction and professional development.

Additionally, medical professionals are required to annually submit a professional development plan (PDP) as part of the MBA Framework. Completing CFEP Surveys’ MSF allows clinicians to undertake the following activities that are vital in creating robust and actionable PDP:

  • Collect patient, colleague and peer feedback
  • Undertake a period of self-assessment
  • Gain insights into your own professional behaviour and performance, and
  • Identify areas of strength and professional development opportunities.
Breakdown of Minimum Requirements by CPD Activity
PLEASE NOTE: The educational activity hours apply to the RACGP and while the concept is universal, the other medical colleges award CPD using alternate calculations.

Professional development and registration requirements

Multi-Source Feedback (MSF) – Patient Feedback is an approved CPD activity under the RACGP CPD Program. Members can claim 13 CPD hours in total.
Multi-Source Feedback (MSF) – Colleague Feedback is an approved CPD activity under the RACGP CPD Program. Members can claim 13 CPD hours in total.

CPD allocation is not guaranteed and is subject to review by the RACGP.

Quality improvement is an integral component of the RACGP CPD Program. Participants are able to provide feedback directly to RACGP on any aspects of this CPD approved activity using this form.

7 simple steps to achieve your MSF CPD requirements

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We recommend the whole process is completed within a 3-month time frame.

MSF is worth a total of 26 hours.

CPD is allocated after the self-reflective exercise has been completed and returned to CFEP Surveys.

Once CFEP Surveys has received your Self-Reflective exercise, the team will upload the activity to RACGP, and you will receive a statement of completion via email.

We recommend nominating 15 colleagues, however a minimum of 12 colleagues is required.

As a guide, we recommend nominating five (5) peers, five (5) other clinical, and 5 non-clinical colleagues, giving you a 360-feedback experience.

We do require a minimum of 12 colleagues for the validity of the data.

Any colleague you have worked with in the last 18 months.

A minimum of 30 patient responses are required.

Yes! Colleague Feedback and the Self-Assessment are completed via the portal on our website. Patient Feedback is obtained via a QR Code and/or URL.

Paper-based surveys are available, on request, for Patient Feedback only.

Your colleague’s name and email address are uploaded to the portal on our website.

While a formal debrief with CFEP’s Coaching Team is not a necessity, we do recommend having an informal debrief with a trusted colleague.

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