Blues Story

‘Blue’s Story’ – a patient activation journey

It all starts with administering the Patient Activation Measure® (PAM®) survey to determine the patient’s activation level. The PAM® can be self-administered by patient themselves or their carer or in collaboration with their care provider.

Armed with the patient’s PAM® score and activation level, the care team can tailor their care and help patients achieve better self-care, which can improve outcomes of care and reduce unnecessary health care utilisation. This will include a self-guided program to improve health behaviours based on the patient’s PAM® level and health condition.

Watch the Values Based Health Care ‘Blue’s Story’ video to gain some insights on a patient’s activation journey:

  • The care team supported Blue to become more activated to self-care and focus on the outcomes that mattered to him.
  • He was missing multiple appointments with his GP leading to a CCU admission – he had not missed an appointment since.
  • He now feels fit enough to enjoy his daily walks, participate in family gatherings and other things that matter to him.

‘Blue’s Story’ was shared as part of the Central Gippsland Health Service Value Based Healthcare Program 2022.

Supporting individuals according to their self-management capabilities is the essence of providing value-based care

Health systems, hospitals, clinics, condition management, and other point-of-care settings are the front lines for treating individuals as equal partners in care delivery. PAM® score and level are the must-have vital signs for effective treatment and efficient allocation of health resources.

‘Blue’s Story’ was developed by and shared as part of the Central Gippsland Health Service Value Based Healthcare Program 2022.
Patient Activation Journey

Patient Activation Measure® – a mechanism to improve patient-centred care and health journeys

Patient activation refers to a person’s ability to self-care, including the knowledge, skills and confidence to participate in their own health care journey. Discover key learnings from a recent learning and development session, conducted for health services funded by Safer Care Victoria and Central Gippsland Health where service leaders, clinicians and patients their experiences with PAM® and the associated impacts.

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