Active Insights by CFEP Surveys: Hassle-free patient experience analysis

As a healthcare professional, you understand the importance of patient feedback in improving the quality of care and service delivery. However, a traditional gathering of comprehensive qualitative and quantitative patient feedback, such as focus groups, can be time-consuming and expensive. Collecting and analysing feedback can also be a daunting task that often falls by the wayside amidst the demands of day-to-day practice management.

This is where Active Insights by CFEP Surveys comes in – a powerful digital feedback solution that provides real-time patient experience data and insights to help you elevate practice management, improve health outcomes, drive quality improvement and deliver better business results.

One of the key benefits of Active Insights is its simplicity. Patients can provide feedback easily on their smartphone or tablet without filling out lengthy paper questionnaires or participating in time-consuming interviews. This simplicity also means that staff can easily administer the feedback collection process by providing patients with a link or QR scan code.

From that point, Active Insights automatically collects, collates and displays patient feedback in interactive, easy-to-use and interpret dashboards. You can quickly identify what is working well and what can be improved in real time. This allows you to make on-the-spot care improvements as you review feedback and action service and care improvement initiatives.

Patients can even complete the survey while still in your practice. And Active Insights offers patients the opportunity to provide anonymous feedback. This anonymity means patients have a high level of comfort in giving honest and constructive feedback, which is invaluable in identifying areas for improvement.

Active Insights empowers you to:

  • Elevate practice management by implementing a feedback system to ensure your practice runs more efficiently for you and your patients.
  • Improve health outcomes by uncovering patient concerns, discovering trends and predicting potential issues before they become complaints.
  • Drive quality improvement with a standardised and systematic approach to performing root cause analysis and prioritising risk areas and improvement measures.
  • Deliver better business results using insights to boost productivity, efficiency, engagement and loyalty. And take control of negative feedback by engaging patients at the point of care.

CFEP Surveys is your trusted partner providing full support to implement and embed Active Insights within your practice. With over three decades of experience and expertise in healthcare surveys, CFEP Surveys applies its knowledge to support you in achieving your care and service delivery improvement goals. Our team is passionate, driven and deeply connected to the healthcare profession and patient experience, ensuring a friendly and supportive customer service experience for you and your team.

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